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Air rifles and Pistols
For a huge selection of air rifles ,pistols ,ammunition, shooting luggage, catapults, crossbows etc, please go straight to our easy to navigate website.

We are probably the largest air gun, sports and trophy shop in the north of England having been in business since the 1950's, still family owned, and our promise to you is if you purchase an air rifle or pistol from us, we will look after you before, during and after purchase.


We carry a very good stock of both air rifles AND pistols, however, with hundreds of models to choose from, obviously it is impossible to stock every single one on our website, so PLEASE ring us on 0161 764 1915 BEFORE travelling any distance to make sure we actually have your choice in stock.

If not, we can usually get it within a day or so.

We specialise in SMK weapons, and are one of the largest SMK dealers in England, having dealt with them over thirty years.


Minimum age to purchase, 18 years and you MUST bring in TWO forms of purchase, for example driving licence, and recent utility bill, THIS IS THE LAW!

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