Piranha/ Metrolux Crown Green Bowls.

Piranha/ Metrolux Crown Green Bowls.

Pirahna ENGLISH MADE top quality Crown Green bowls, available in a range of weights and in High Density. Black, 2's full bias. Our best sellers!   Superb Value. Price is for a pair.

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£85.00 tax incl.

As a general guide we find the most popular weights for Men are 2lb 8oz or 10oz and for ladies 2lb 4oz or 2lb 6oz. In our experience, we find our customers prefer HI DENSITY bowls for comfort in the hand, as they are a size smaller than the corresponding Standard Density bowls.

ie. A 2lb 8 oz Hi density is the same size as a 2lb 6 oz Standard density, making it easier to manage for most people.




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